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Conclusion of Project Analysis

This Project adopts domestic leading cold briquetting technology, we can produce cold pressing products with different density ( 2.2-6.0g/cm3 ) and content of carbon. Through second reduction, the grade of direct reduced iron (sponge iron) can be up to more than 98%, it also can be regarded as metallurgical powder. According to the market, products can be used for electric stove making of steel by reduced one time, it also can be regarded as metallurgical powder by second reduction, so it appreciate again. Because the development of electric stove steel making and continuous casting of steel, the demand for scrap steel is bigger and bigger, the price of scrap steel is raised day by day. All these impel the manufacturing of direct reduced iron (sponge iron) to get very great development. Our country is a developing country, the renewal of the equipments is slow, and the recovery of scrap steel in the society is relatively less. With the improvement of the proportion of continuous casting and electric steel, the scrap steel produced by steel industry is relatively less. The demand of scrap steel, especially the high-quality scrap steel increases day by day. The market outlook of direct reduced iron (sponge iron), especially the compact will be better and better. According to development trend of national economy, the demand of steel products is greater, so enterprises should catch this opportunity, to make this project putted into operation early, and became effective more quickly. This project not only has good investment benefit, but also has little risk. It can create benefit for enterprise, and also can make contribution for the country, so this project is feasible, it is suitable for our country's conditions, This is an advanced, reliable, economic production technology.

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