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XYK Process Introduction of Producing Direct reduced Iron (Sponge Iron)

In 2009, a new technique of directly reduced iron (DRI) named as XYK is developed by Beijing Ruizhi Feiteng Co,. Ltd., which is regarded as the most successful, reliable and steadiest technique with a smallest ton investment and cost, lowest energy consumption and less space requirement.  It is a start of another revolution of directly reduced iron.  We have applied the patent of this technique.
Less Investment
The total investment of fixed asset is only RMB250-300, 20% lower than tunnel kiln, 40% lower than A-C method, and 60%-90% lower than other methods.  It is the lowest investment method for now.
Lower Production Cost
The ton production cost of XYK method is 30% lower than A-C method and 50% lower than other methods.
Lower Energy Consumption
The coal consumption each ton production for driving is 230-250kg only, reductive coal consumption is only 280kg-300kg.  Electricity consumption per ton is only 30kw·h.
More Automated and Less Workers
The whole production line is automatically controlled by PLC method.  A production line of 150,000 tons needs only 20 people, including operators, captain and maintenance.
More Steady and Reliable
With an industrial production test of 208 days with a proportion of 1:1, no error occurs.  CYK is much more steady and reliable than other method.
Less Space Requirement
Comparing to traditional tunnel kiln, XYK has less space requirement.  A line of 30 tons per year covers floor area of 20,000 m2 only.
Less Installed Capacity
For an XYK DRI production line of 150,000 tons a year, the total installed capacity is 800kv·A only with a synchronization factor of 0.68.  The cost is largely lower.
Working Circumstances
DYK technique is much cleaner than other methods as there is no material drying process.  It is less polluting.
Big Production Capacity
Comparing to traditional tunnel kiln with a largest capacity of 30,000 tons, XYK has smaller size but more large capacity.  A 200-meter kiln can make 100,000 tons a year; a 90-meter kiln can make 25,000 tons; a 120-meter kiln can make 35,000 tons; and a 160-meter kiln can make 50,000 tons.
Less Reductive Time
Our patented XYK technique can reduce reductive time greatly.  It will save your money greatly too.
Bright Market Prospect
As mentioned above, XYK has incomparable advantages than other DRI methods.  Definitely it will have a large potential market.
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