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CBRF Technology Group co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise that emphasizes on research and application of new processes and technologies of direct reduced iron (DRI). After decades of development, the Company has become a high-tech large-scale group company integrating scientific-research, design, manufacture, installation, and service. The Company owns several wholly-owned subsidiaries which are CBRF Furnace Manufacturing Company, CBRF Equipments Manufacturing Company, CBRF Equipments installation Engineering Company, CBRF Overseas Engineering Company, and CBRF Engineering Design & Research Institute. The Company, with the annual turnover of over 1 billion Chinese Yuan, is staffed with over 2,000 employees, among which there are 5 national experts and 8 professional senior engineers.
The Company gathers the most experienced and powerful experts and research personnel in China and has developed many new technologies and processes and obtained several national patents and awards. The Company is playing the leading role in the DRI industry and is the real cradle of DRI industry in China. The AMR—CBI Process (namely A—C Process) developed by the Company is one DRI production process which adopts fully automatic control, mechanized charging & discharging and high-speed reduction furnace, and finally results into cold briquetting. The A—C Process marks a new epoch of producing DRI by using the tunnel kiln!

In 2008, the Company developed the XYK Process whose manufacturing procedures are less, reduction time is 23% less, energy consumption rate is 30% lower, and production cost is 28% lower. Moreover, the pollutant discharge is also reduced greatly. National experts paid much attention to the Process and unanimously considered that the Process is more advanced than current existing processes in China. The Process is a breakthrough of traditional technologies. And the application and promotion of it will definitely launch a new technical revolution in the DRI industry!
CBRF Company has a deep research on tunnel kiln DRI process. Four new DRI technologies and processed were granted national patents in succession and three of them were awarded gold medals of state invention patent. The Company has contributed much to the DRI industry in China.
In recent years, the Company undertook construction tasks of several DRI production lines, industrial furnaces, metallurgical buildings and nonferrous metal projects. As for every project, we will demand for perfection.

In turn-key projects, we trace the whole process including feasibility study, layout, design, construction, manufacture of equipments, installation and debugging, personnel training, and production of qualified products, and offer a perfect service. The Company also successfully constructed tens of DRI projects overseas. We operate in many countries and regions including Mongolia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Mozambique and so on. In China, over 90% output of DRI adopted processes developed by the Company and over 90% of DRI production lines were designed and set up by the Company, which indicates that CBRF Company is in the leading position and is playing a leading role in the DRI industry in China.
Independent innovation, advanced technology and being a large-scale international corporation group with industrial advantages are targets of CBRF Company. We maintain the operation concept of "trusting others and striving for excellence". And our permanent principle is to speak the truth, to do practical things, and to be honest persons. We expect to create a bright future. But we expect more to gain friendship. Warmly welcome friends both domestic and overseas to come and get to know CBRF Company. Let us cooperate and create a brighter future together.

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